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Everything that you need to know to craft a perfect Happy New Year’s Status

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Are you one of those people who often change their status to what’s relevant? If yes, then chances are that you are looking for an appropriate Happy New Year's status to update on various platforms.
To help you out, presented below is a complete guide to different formats, categories of statuses and what you can write in them.

Different Formats of a Happy New Year’s Status:

In the digital age of 2022, nothing is mainstream anymore. Similarly, various formats of statuses are now available. Some of the most common and basic ones are following:
  • Picture
Picture wallpapers as statuses are a great way to get your message across in a simple, elegant manner. But picture statuses don't always have to be plain or sophisticated. They can be as fun as you want them to be. You can choose from a wide range of designs, colors, and patterns in these pictures.

  • Video
The trendiest way to celebrate the New Year's and wish everyone in your contacts is to add a video wish to your status. They can be as short or long as you want. They can be as simple as a moving sticker or as high-fi as a professional HD video. Here are some common video types that are used as statuses.

  • Multimedia Effects
These include simple transitions and moving elements in a picture to transform it into a video. If you have ever seen a Happy New Year's status with fireworks or moving flowers, you already know what these are.

  • Personal
One of the most personalized ways to add a video status is to create one of yourself. You can record yourself wishing everyone a Happy New Year and put it as your status. Not only does it look more friendly and targeted, but it also shows that you’ve put an effort into it.
  • Animated
For anyone who loves vibrant, cartoonish videos, animated statuses are a hit. They can have your favorite cartoon or a particular animated character wishing you a happy, prosperous New Year.

Different Kinds of Happy New Year’s Status:

With an array of ever-evolving internet platforms, statuses can be posted in various places. Each platform has its own requirements, perks, and limitations, so you must customize the status for every one of them. The most famous status updating platforms are as follows:
  • Facebook Status:
Who doesn't use Facebook? Almost everyone does. Facebook has evolved into much more than what it was in the beginning. However, the ability to wish your friends and family on a special occasion, such as the New Year's, has always been available on the platform. This is why people love it and have been using it for years now.
You can post all kinds of statuses on Facebook. You can utilize text, photos, and videos for status update to collectively wish everyone in your list.
  • Whatsapp Status:
Lately, WhatsApp has introduced a feature that allows you to update your status as well. This is a good way to post Happy New Year’s status for everyone on your mobile contact list. However, WhatsApp only allows image and video formats. Thus, you can only use pictures and videos to upload on WhatsApp. It does allow you to add text to your content, but the original availability and preference of the platform remain only the former two.
Plus, you can also adjust the privacy of your status and limit who can see it. You can hide it from people and only make it visible to those who you intend to target. Therefore, it is possible for you to upload different statuses for different groups of people. you can upload a separate status for your colleagues and a different one for your friends and family. Talk about ease and personalization!
  • Social Media Stories: 
Other social media platforms, such as Instagram, now allows you to upload stories in the form of a status. Just like WhatsApp, the originally intended formats supported on Instagram statuses where photos and videos. However, it now allows you to add simple text as well.

Some trendy Happy New Year's statuses:

If you still can't figure out what to put on your status, here’s a list of some great options that you can take inspiration from.
  • Let us welcome our new year with open arms, a blank canvas, and new hopes in our hearts. Have a happy New Year everyone. 
  • Here's to a happy, prosperous, joyful New Year. Let us forget the past and look into the future for a bright new beginning. 
  • May this coming year heal your wounds, lessen your pain, and give you hope. With lots of prayers from me to you and your family, I wish everyone a happy New Year. 
  • The words that have gone belong in the past. It is time to move on with a new perspective and a positive mind. May you have a happy, joyful year in 2022. 
  • We are the lucky ones because we get to have a second chance. Use it well. Do good, improve yourself, fix your mistakes, and learn from them. Make this coming year the best one yet. 
  • The possibilities are endless in this new arriving here. Let us not take life for granted and push as hard as we can to achieve our goals. I wish everyone a successful, joyful new year. 
  • 2021 has gone by so fast, and 2022 has come for the best. May you leave all the fears, tears, and pain behind. I sincerely wish everyone the best in life and a happy, exciting new year. 

The internet has grown into a mind-boggling space to connect with friends and family. But the recent upgrade that allows you to put Happy New Year statuses has been a major breakthrough. People love it because they don't have to message everyone individually and fear that they will forget someone on their list. Uploading a status is the quickest way to wish everyone in their contacts collectively. Hopefully, the guide above will help you understand this concept much better and take full advantage of it.

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