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Happy New Year Wishes for Friends Must Be Jovial, Unique and Personalized

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Sending New Year wishes to your friends is a great way to remind them that you remember them. It is a lovely reminder that you miss them on this occasion, and they are in your prayers. But when it is time to send a wish, it can be quite confusing as to what you should say and what would be appropriate. Right?
Don't worry, we have got you covered. Below is a complete guide to Happy New Year wishes for friends including what you should say, how you should say it, and who you can say it to.

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How Do You Wish Your Friends A Happy New Year?

Your friends are important people in your life. They are people who play a huge role in your progress and development. They help you solve your problems, they guide you when you are confused, and they cheer you up when you need it. So, saying the right things to them is very important. Especially, when you are wishing them a happy New Year.

  • Be casual 
Your tone of writing should always be casual with your friends. They're a part of your personal life, so you don't have to be formal and professional when writing your wishes. Use an everyday, light, and casual tone.

Personal new year wishes
  • Be informal 
You can be as informal as you like when writing Happy New Year wishes for friends. However, it does depend on your relationship with the particular friend. Of course, every friend has an informal kind of communication with you, but the degree of informality varies depending on your bond with them and other factors. For instance, how long you have known them and where you know them from, etc. Be considerate about degree of frankness and your relationship with them. So, write the wish accordingly.

  • Be grateful and add a quick wish for them 
A happy new year's wish is not a favor you're doing for them. It is more of a thoughtful gesture that you remember them and you're grateful for their friendship. In the end, add a quick little wish or prayer for their health and safety. It is always a warm way to end a wish and make it look like you mean it.

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Fun Ways to Send a New Year Wish

It is 2021 and there are numerous creative ways to send people a new year's wish. Long gone are the times when you had to write a card and send it through the post office. There is no need to wait for days and weeks anymore. There are several ways you can send your friends a new year's wish.

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  • The traditional style
Yes, modernization has taken control. But the charm of the same old classic postcard remains the same. It feels personalized and looks like you made a genuine effort for your friend. That is always a sweet gesture and your friends will love this way of being wished on New Year's Eve.

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  • Digital postcards
Various websites and digital platforms allow sending personalized new year's wishes. You can simply go on a particular website and create your account by adding your details. Then, it allows you to digitally create a card that you can send to your friends via social media or email. You can say whatever you want and make it look exactly the way you want it. The platform enables you to change the colors, the fonts, literally everything. It is fast, it is easy, and it is usually free. You can, however, spend a few extra bucks for additional perks and features on your digital card. Send this card to each friend individually or post it on your social media for everyone to see collectively.

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  • Text messages
Another great personalized way to send Happy New year wishes for friends through direct text message. You can do this via your phone number or your social media inbox. Type up whatever you want, add a few of your favorite emojis, and send it to them on New Year’s Eve or on New year's morning to remind them of their importance in your life.

Funny New Year Wishes

Some friends prefer a funny wish on special occasions. Humor them and send them a hilarious new year's wish to make their day brighter.
You can choose one from the following:

New Year wishes 2022
  • Dear friend, I know I have annoyed you plenty of times in the last year. May this year I can break the record. Happy New Year! 
  • It is true that we plan a healthy lifestyle every year. Hopefully, this year we will turn it to reality. Happy New Year, my friend. 
  • May we always commit our crimes together, may you always have me by your side to protect you from harm, and keep you grounded. Happy New Year to my dearest friend. 
  • This year, I hope and wish you get exactly what you deserve. Have a happy New Year, my dear. 
  • I hope that this year brings you more problems, tears, and pain. Don't be furious, I mean well! I just want you to be braver and more energetic. Happy New Year, my dear.
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Personal New Year Wishes

Since your friends are a part of your personal life, adding a personal touch to your new year's wishes will be a good idea. You can use names, references, or ideas from their personal life or your own. The following are some great options for this:

  • I always appreciate and miss our valuable time spent together. (You can mention a few of your favorite memories here) I am missing you a lot on this occasion. May you have the best of everything in 2022! 
  • Another year has passed, but our friendship remains the same- strong and valuable. I wish you all the best in life through this year and the next. A very happy New Year to you. 
  • This year, may God shower his blessings on you, solve all your problems, and make your life worry-free. Have a blessed New Year my friend. 
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Your friends are important and wishing them the right way on a special occasion like this one is essential. The guide and options given above for Happy New Year wishes for friends will hopefully help you to do it just right.

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